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New CFX-WS chassis
Fits on the new DC1 body shell
Limited edition RMX 2.0 KMW PLUS
Features of the revised RMX 2.0 carbon lower deck
A new choice of the RMX 2.0 aluminum rear upper deck connector
MST New Body Shell LP56
Prototype Exposure
New project exposure!
MST DC1 Body shell
The new carbon short battery holder set
Fits on RMX 2.0, RRX 2.0, FXX 2.0, FMX 2.0 Estimated release in November
The whole new designed spur gearbox on the next generation RMX 2.0 KMW
The new J4 has been ready
Release soon!!
The adjustable 3-position ESC rear mount is coming!
Estimated release in late-October
The MST new 1/10 body shell project
532190R FMX 2.0 LCG KMW
532190R FMX 2.0 LCG KMW The global limited edition FMX 2.0 LCG KMW will be released soon!
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