533701B RMX 2.0 RTR HONDA NSX (blue) (brushless)
533701R RMX 2.0 RTR HONDA NSX (red) (brushless)
533702 RMX 2.0 RTR Nissan R35 GT-R (brushless)
533703 RMX 2.0 RTR Nissan R34 GT-R (brushless)
533704O RMX 2.0 RTR TOYOTA FT-86 (orange) (brushless)
533704W RMX 2.0 RTR TOYOTA FT-86 (white) (brushless)
533705S RMX 2.0 RTR NISSAN S15 (silver) (brushless)
533706B RMX 2.0 RTR SUBARU BRZ (blue) (brushless)

RMX2.0 RTR is the successor of high performance rear drift car RMX-D VIP.Imported the new thought drift design. For the purpose of stability in drift control, speed and big-angle drift ability. The abundant upgrade kit gives more car powerful potential. Choose RMX 2.0 RTR to kick-off the rear drift domain and enjoy the fun in drifting!

The standard brushless motor with a variable built-in ESC can change the motor outputto adapt tothe differentroad surface tractions. For the steering system, italso be implemented the high-speed servo to enhance the front steering, with the specific drift purpose dynamic-stable gyro to make it more handy in manipulation.

‧ Two install methods of motor mount – upper or lower gravity deployment
‧ Two install methods of servo – vertical or lateral deployment
‧ Plastic high rigidity constructions
‧ New designed front great-steeringsuspenstion system
‧ The adjustable steering system for two-stepAckermannchanges
‧ 6 degrees KPI steering upright, and -0.5 towing distance axle design
‧ New designed inside rods fulcrum mount at the front upper arm is adjustable for for 10-step highness and both sides positions.
‧ New full-sealed dustproof gear box is transmitted by bevel gears.
‧ 5 changeable second-deceleration-ratio gear sets of 1.89-3.82 (standard 2.12).
‧ Thefulcrumat the rear suspension upper rodis5-step adjustable on both sides. The outer fulcrum is 4-step adjustable on both sides.
‧ Steel CVD axle of rear transmission system
‧ Suitable for long and short battery
‧ Full great smooth metal ball connectors
‧ Standard realistic caliper and disc shape brake set

(This car was practice driven by the factory. It is normal of the slight using mark on tires.)