MS-01D brushed 4WD RTR JZ3 (black)


Body: 1:10
Wheelbase: 257mm (adjustable 255-259mm)
Width: 186mm (adjustable 186-200mm)
Transmission / drive mode: 2 belt / 4 wheel drive
Caster: Adjustable 4° / 7° / 10° / 14°
Camber: 0°-12°       
Full ball bearing
Shock absorber: hydraulic shock absorber


MS-01D is an easy to control high-performance remote control car!
The racing design and comes with the independent front and rear double A-arm fisheye suspension system with hydraulic shock absorbers to the real racing control fun. The drift wheelset with 4 wheel drive and front differential drive system, the stable body dynamics can easily achieve the tail dynamics, greatly reducing the control threshold, so that each player can easily enjoy playing RC!
The MST team wants to bring you more RC operating fun!!
- Front center motor GT configuration
- Double belts 4 wheel drive
- Front and rear independent multi-link type double  A-arm suspension system
- Front differential and rear spool drive system
- Special air duct design chassis
- Hobbywing waterproof ESC
- FUTABA servo


High-performance front and rear independent multi-link type double A-arm suspension system


The sealed hydraulic shock absorber provides excellent suspension operation. Including aluminum alloy adjustment ring to adjust the car height freely


Simulation fisheye suspension system


Quick-release battery holder design can easily and quickly replace the battery


Rear shaft drive can easily achieve the tail dynamic


Front and rear connected steel driveshaft


Front ball differential provides good front wheel grip


Exclusive chassis air duct design to increase motor cooling efficiency also improve vehicle body strength


Exclusive servo buffer for complete servo protection


Equipped with a realistic wheel frame and a caliper set with brake disc to enhance visual enjoyment


Equipped with a special drift tire to provide a stable long-distance drifting state


Full ball bearing for improving drive efficiency and smoothness