New product information
New product information
210656 RMX / RRX lightweight flexibility carbon deck
Est. release mid-Aug.
For RMX/RRX 2.0/2.5/3.0
lightweight flexibility carbon deck vs Original plastic deck
Reduce weight by up to 45%
-Competition design-
1. Lightweight carbon deck, the specific weight of the front and rear of the chassis has been specially adjusted, and the light front and heavy rear construction increase the traction of the rear wheels.
2. The wholes of the deck enhance the control flexibility.
3. The battery holder can be installed close to the rear to increase the car's rear weight and improve the traction force of the rear wheels under unchanging the total weight. (Have to attach with 210640)
4. The double wire slot corresponds to the back ESC single or dual signal wire, for a better wiring look.