New MST car shell – GR86RB
GR86 Pandem V1.5 version
The Pandem wide body kit is seamlessly integrated with the vehicle body, crafted as a single unit to ensure precise and authentic detailing while significantly reducing the complexity of shell assembly.
Authentic accessories include:
ABS material components: side mirrors, windshield wipers, rear wing brackets.
PC material components: front splitter set, side wide-body deflectors set, rear large ducktail set, rear large trunk spoiler set. These components are designed to faithfully replicate those found on the actual vehicle.
Available Shell Colors for RMX 2.5 RTR
Race Red
Nitrous Blue
Iridescent Purple (Made to Order)
532183I  FXX 2.0 S KIT GR86RB (Clear)
532206I  RMX 2.5 KIT GR86RB (Clear)
531908C  RMX 2.5 ATR GR86RB (Clear) (Brushed)
531908IP  RMX 2.5 RTR GR86RB (Iridescent purple) (Brushed) (Made to Order)
531908LB  RMX 2.5 RTR GR86RB (Light blue) (Brushed)
531908R  RMX 2.5 RTR GR86RB (Red) (Brushed)
533913C  RMX 2.5 ATR GR86RB (Clear) (Brushless)
533913IP  RMX 2.5 RTR GR86RB (Iridescence purple) (Brushless) (Made to Order)
533913LB  RMX 2.5 RTR GR86RB (light blue) (Brushless)
533913R  RMX 2.5 RTR GR86RB (Red) (Brushless)
720024  MST GR86RB body (clear)
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