Release information - New series of LBMT!

The LBMT car body shell is faithfully presented the complex features of the car body in a special integrated molding method, allowing players at all levels to make it in an easy way. The ABS realistic side mirrors, LB spoiler, and PC front & rear real-like lamp holders all present high integrity and realism.

532183E FXX 2.0 RWD KIT LBMT – June 10
720017    MST LBMT body (clear) – June 21
532188E RMX 2.0 RWD KIT LBMT – June 30
533720C   RMX 2.0 ATR LBMT (clear body) (brushless) – July 30
533720R   RMX 2.0 RTR LBMT (red) (brushless) – July 30
533720GR  RMX 2.0 RTR LBMT (grey) (brushless) – August 20