The 532206 RMX 2.5 Classic version is now available for sale!
The RMX 2.5 Classic Kit is equivalent to the RMX 2.5 RTR without the electronics included. It requires self-assembly.
The newly evolved RMX 2.5 Classic KIT  is an entry-level and professional rear-drive drifter.
Professional body design and default factory setting with the successful experience of 2.0 stable control, push the drift control stability to a new realm once again. Let beginner players can control and experience the fun of drifting more easily and have professional drift ability in large-angle and attitude at the same time.
Even after the driving ability is improved, the whole car has abundant upgrades giving more powerful development potential to the car’s performance.
-Configured with High-performance specific gravity frame greatly improves rear-wheel traction and increases propulsion acceleration.
-Newly designed rear spur-gear-driving the gearbox is able to switch the drive mode for RMX and RRX.
-Equipped with a large angle steering system, with an Ackerman angle setting suitable for drift cars, it has excellent large-angle drift handling.
-Choosable Motor position between low/high center of gravity configuration makes the driver enjoy different handling characteristics.
-Equipped with a hydraulic shock absorber for excellent handling stability.
-Battery mount fits with long and short batteries.